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VDMA's core demands for the 2021 federal election
The 2021 federal election will be thematically determined by the measures to combat corona. The machinery and plant engineering industry is also concerned with quickly getting out of crisis mode. The joint task of politics and industry is: How do we shape the economic world in the post-pandemic era?
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"Reimbursement of social contributions saves jobs".
VDMA Managing Director Thilo Brodtmann comments on the Federal Cabinet's decision to continue the reimbursement of social contributions for short-time work beyond July 1:
"Further regulations jeopardise positive development on the labour market".
VDMA Managing Director Thilo Brodtmann comments on the current labour market figures:
"Supply chain law remains an imposition".
VDMA Managing Director Thilo Brodtmann comments on the coalition's agreement on the Supply Chain Act:
"Minister Heil overshoots the mark".
VDMA Managing Director Thilo Brodtmann comments on the debate on the Betriebsrätemodernisierungsgesetz in the Bundestag today:
"Co-determination has limits"
Cooperation between operating partners is firmly anchored in the culture of mechanical and plant engineering - and successful. But co-determination has limits. Constantly making new claims for expansion is counterproductive.
Functioning labour market needs fixed-term contracts
In the view of the VDMA, the initiative of the Federal Minister of Labour, Mr Heil, to restrict fixed-term employment contracts has come at an inopportune time. "Particularly in times of economic upheaval, the labor market needs more flexibility, not less," VDMA President Karl Haeusgen expresses concern.
"Interventions in labour law are poison in the crisis".
The risk of rising unemployment can only be averted by growth and a comprehensive liberalization of the labor market, not by interfering with labor law.
"Package for bureaucracy relief" only reduces burdens selectively
In the view of the mechanical and plant engineering industry, the "package to reduce bureaucracy" adopted by the German government is more of a package than a package.
„Days of rest“ during Easter: backpedaling is the right decision
The federal and state governments have corrected their decision concerning additional „days of rest“ during Easter. This is a good signal: in principle, the dialogue between politics and industry is working, even under the pressure of the Corona pandemic.
Production stop on Holy Thursday only when it‘s a company holiday!
Holy Thursday as an official „day of rest“ - this presents companies with major organisational challenges and causes considerable costs. It is not clear what can be gained if industry is shut down for an additional day.

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Not the protection of human rights, but an extensive catalogue of sanctions against companies are at the core of the planned Due Diligence Regulation. The VDMA is therefore calling on the Bundestag to thoroughly revise the government draft that the cabinet passed on Wednesday.
The expansion of the training premium is an encouraging signal for more companies to train many young people despite the Corona pandemic. The VDMA points out that vocational orientation in schools and career guidance by employment agencies in particular should be intensified in order to strengthen vocational training.
The moratorium in the Boeing-Airbus tariff dispute is an important signal for transatlantic trade relations. Now the focus must be on a final elimination of the tariffs.
In January 2021, the machinery and plant engineering sector recorded a drop in orders of 10 percent in real terms. This came as little surprise, as unusually high orders for large-scale plant business had dominated the picture in the same month of the previous year.
Today marks the official launch of the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA).
The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) has noted a drastic decline in job vacancies. Fabian Seus, head of the VDMA Competence Center Labor Market, therefore demands legal relief for new hires.
From the VDMA's point of view, the annual report of the Expert Commission on Research and Innovation (EFI) clearly shows that there is still room for improvement in terms of open-topic and broadly effective funding instruments.
Even in the second year of the pandemic, the machinery and plant engineering sector will not reach the pre-Corona sales level. The VDMA therefore supports the approach of the employers' associations to consider wage increases next year at the earliest.
From 1 January 2021 at the latest, importers of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold from risk areas - so-called conflict minerals - into the EU will be subject to binding due diligence obligations.
The global Corona crisis has also led to high export losses for machinery and plant manufacturers. In 2020, machinery and equipment worth 160 billion euros was exported from Germany - 12 percent less than in the previous year.
Joint study by VDMA and McKinsey: Almost 80 percent of companies see the need to cooperate on digital business models
VDMA Managing Director Thilo Brodtmann welcomes the coalition's decision on the loss carryback, but calls for extensions.
Germany needs growth to pay the enormous costs of the Corona crisis and to be able to invest in the future. To achieve this, industry in Germany and Europe must remain competitive.
The fight against the Corona pandemic is increasingly being fought on the backs of the economy. A general ban on air travel is not only superfluous, it would also cause further serious damage to the European economy.
"Made in China 2025" leads to intensified competitive pressure in mechanical and plant engineering. A new study examines various scenarios up to the year 2030. Companies in Europe can continue to benefit from the upswing in the People's Republic, but there is a growing danger of falling exports to the Far East.
Unemployment must not be allowed to become entrenched again. Policymakers must therefore lower the hurdles that make new employment more difficult. This includes refraining from further legal intervention in temporary work and contracts for work and services.
Since 2013, negotiations on an EU free trade agreement with India have been frozen. It is high time to revive these talks.
The home office regulation issued by the Federal Minister of Labor, Hubertus Heil bears the expiration date of March 15. This must be adhered to in any case. An unlimited right to home office that restricts operational freedoms must not be introduced through the back door.
Even in times of Corona, machine manufacturers have to fulfill their social responsibility and to maintain production. A legal home office requirement with fines would therefore be absurd.
The government coalition's self-praise for the amendment of the Renewable Energy Act is only partially justified. Without a comprehensive reform of taxes, levies and charges, a sustainable restructuring of the energy system will not work.
Companies need an exit strategy from the political arena in order to get out of the Corona crisis in the long term. A lockdown for the manufacturing industry would exacerbate the crisis situation.
The picture has changed for the machinery and plant manufacturers in China, with business estimates positive again for the first time since autumn 2018. However, travel restrictions remain a major obstacle.
VDMA General Manager Thilo Brodtmann spoke out against a women's quota in the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".
One year after the conditions for awarding contracts for local industrial and agricultural mobile radio networks came into force, almost 90 applications have already been received by the Federal Network Agency.
Thilo Brodtmann, Managing Director of the VDMA, takes a fundamentally positive view of the Employment Protection Act passed by the German Bundestag.
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